We are outside Fayetteville in Middle Tennessee, midway between Nashville & Huntsville, subsequently allowing us to serve the Greater Nashville area clear south to the Greater Huntsville area. As we are a specialty rental company travelling is part of the service. If you are uncertain if we would service your location just ask! 

Absolutely! Delivery and pick-up is always a part of my service. Additional charges apply based on distance and individual circumstances. You are always welcome to pick up your order from our Fayetteville location, however you would need to have an enclosed vehicle to do so. 

Definitely! While many feel comfortable renting from pictures alone, others prefer to see in-person. You are always welcome to schedule a day to come out, look through my inventory and do mock set-ups on a table in my TEE Room (that’s the Elegant Eclectic storeroom!) It can be helpful if prior to coming out you share what you are most interested in and preferred colors/style so that I can have some samples readily available.

Definitely ASK!! My inventory is constantly growing and it may be entirely possible that I will be able to curate the additional items you are needing well in advance of your event. Curating as a personal shopper for you is also an add-on option if you are desiring something entirely different, in which case there would be additional fees. 

We are here to help you design the most stunning tablescape for your event! Browse through our selection and images to gain ideas or give me a call and I can help you achieve the design you have in mind. And if you are only needing select items to complete what you may already have that is fine too!  Once you are ready to book a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed agreement is all it takes to reserve your date. The remaining 50% balance is due 14 days prior to your event. 

The rental period is three days, including the day before through the day following the event. However, if you are adding delivery service then the items can be delivered either the day prior or the morning of your event and picked up the same evening. We will coordinate that with you as the date draws near.

Accidents will happen! Subsequently a 10% damage waiver fee will be added to every order to cover customary breakage and chipping. Damage that exceeds the 10% or is the result of negligence (such as dropping an entire crate of glassware or a table collapsing, or worse!) will be billed to the client at 3 times the rental fee. 

Yes! We understand guest counts sometimes change as those RSVP’s come in and your event draws close! Subsequently you are allowed to reduce your order by up to 10% up to two weeks prior to the event, which is when the final balance is due. You can also increase your order by as much as you desire, based upon availability, with the final numbers and balance due 14 days prior.

Nope! Washing the dishes is part of your rental fee so you don’t have to!  We do include packing instructions which will require glasses, mugs and tea cups to be dumped out and food and trash to be scraped off all other dishes. I also provide wash bins to place flatware into. Repacking instructions will give clear directions to your family member or coordinator on how to pack everything after your event. You are also welcome to enlist our break-down services for an additional fee. Let’s talk!

Set-up and break-down are add-on services that we can definitely discuss! We love to stage the tables for you and can coordinate with your florist if you are adding floral centerpieces. Price will depend on various factors including the number of pieces your event includes. We can logistically help you create your vision or simply carry out the vision you have. I always recommend sharing your inspiration pictures with me if you have any!

This is exactly what we did for my daughters wedding several years ago and it is FAR more work and expense than I ever realized (read through my ‘About’!) Had this option been available to me back then we would’ve jumped on it! We have already spent countless hours building inventory by scouring antique stores, thrift stores, estate sales and more, wherever and whenever we travel for years! Then there is that tedious process of removing stickers, washing, inventoring and storing them – that is AFTER I bought the crates and racks to store everything in! It’s honestly a lot more work than most people realize and does not guarantee you will even find everything you want in time for your big event. 

Yes! I do offer a large assortment of table linens, but not limited to various colored table runners, round and rectangular tablecloths, napkins, chair sashes and chair covers. Colors include gray, charcoal, black, navy blue, ivory, white, pink, rust and burlap. Because every venue differs in their table sizes and configurations some of my linens may or may not work as well, although I do have much to choose from. While napkins and runners are fairly universal to any table size, I always recommend that we find out the table sizes for your particular venue and see which of my linens may work for you!